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Security on the fairground “Bendplatz” Owing to the last terrorist attacks, the security concept for the fair will again be intensified. Municipality, police and event organizer Eurogress are in close cooperation as regards security measures. “We want to do everything possible, to guarantee secure operation of the funfair “Bend” and at the same time not miss the pleasure of this event,” says Kristina Wulf, managing director of the Eurogress Aachen. Also this time the proven security concept will be effective, however, with an increased number of personnel and more intense checks. The police will show stronger presence on the fairground and in the surroundings and also carry out checks during the night. At the three entrance gates to the “Bendplatz” as well as at the entrance stairs at the Henricistraße security service personnel commissioned by the Eurogress will carry out selective control measures and, if necessary, also check handbags, rucksacks, paper and plastic bags, etc. Also on the “Bendplatz” itself control measures have to be expected. The organizer therefore recommends all visitors to leave rucksacks, etc. at home. It will not be possible to use the small side entrance at Lindt & Sprüngli, which is not an official entrance for visitors anyway.

Here you find some useful information for your visit on the Bend.

Escape ways

Die Grafik zeigt das Zeichen für einen Fluchtweg.
The diagram represents the sign for an escape route. Escape routes are marked with green-white flags and are additionally sign-posted. First-aid stations Die Grafik zeigt die Flagge des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes. The diagram shows the flag of the German Red Cross. During the time of the event a permanently manned first-aid station is present on the “Bendplatz”. The first-aid station is located at the entrance as well as at the exit Süsterfeldstrasse. Danger situations Die Grafik zeigt das Verkehrszeichen
The diagram shows the traffic sign … In danger situations please keep calm: try to identify the potential hazard. Take care of your own safety.  Get other persons out of the danger area, without exposing yourself to danger. Follow the orders given by wardens and task forces. Prohibits  Die Grafik zeigt das Zeichen für During the event visitors are not allowed: to stay outside the market businesses and walk ways, in particular to enter excluded areas,  to drive on the “Bendplatz” or bring vehicles along, e.g. bicycles and handcarts (except disability vehicles), animals of any kind (except so-called assistant dogs), to leave or park any objects (e.g. bicycles) on the “Bendplatz” and in the escape or rescue routes, to bring along beverages in glass bottles, to bring along pyrotechnical devices, torches, weapons or objects that can be used such, to ignite open flames, to put up posters, to distribute advertising material, to carry out advertising measures, to carry out commercial activities without permission as a market supplier, to make noise with utensils and equipment of any kind, to fly objects of any kind (e.g. drones). Youth protection Compliance with the regulations of the Youth Protection Act is a matter of course and will be controlled. General information on the avoidance of pocket picking. Carry cash money, EC and credit cards and other valuables in closed inner pockets of your clothing. Carry handbags or shoulder bags with the lock side towards your body. Never let your bags unattended and do not hang bags on the back of a chair. In crowds of people and in confused situations pay attention to your valuables. Lost items Lost items can be handed out to the “Bend”-lost property office at the entrance or exit Süsterfeldstrasse. After the event lost items  will be kept safe in the Eurogress Achen, Monheimsallee 48, 52062 Aachen, telephone: 0241 91310. Make an emergency call – go and get help Fire brigade:                     telephone 112 Police:                             telephone 110 Emergency service:            telephone 112 Describe to the alarmed forces Where? Exact location - if necessary give them the number of the nearest funfair business. You find this number inside the fair booth. What?  Kind of situation and urgency (e.g. fire, explosion, etc.) How many?  Number of persons who had an accident, severity of injuries. Who? Give your name. The rescue service finishes the call. Exclusion of liability The visit of the “Bend” takes place at your own risk. Parents are responsible for minor children. The organizer shall in particular not be responsible for: hearing impairments and health damages due to the kind of an event, in particular noise level of an event, impairments or health damages through third parties, in particular other visitors, loss of objects, design, contents, duration and noise level of the event. It is possible that pyrotechnical shows or presentations are shown during the event. The organizer does not assume any liability for damages occurred.

Aachen contains a continuous local transportation network.

Due to its excellent connection to the public transportation network including IC/EC, ICE and Thalys tracks, Aachen is easily accessible from each European destination.

Aachen is a traffic junction located in the Three-Country Point linking Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.



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